Brand Development

What is a brand?

Even the smallest company benefits from a strong brand presence.  To be successful you need to know who you are, what you do, why you do it, and importantly, how that to convey that  in your processes, working methods,  products and services and visual identity.   This is true whether you are a sole trader, hotel, a charity, an educational institution or a multinational.

Unfortunately we are often so busy running the company we often forget to go back to first principles and lose sight of what really makes our business tick.

A strong brand helps you to:

  • embed your corporate strategy
  • positively engage your employees, customers and stakeholders
  • improve customer and employee satisfaction
  • and directly impacts on your bottom  line.

Your brand includes your:

  • Mission, vision and values
  • Corporate personality
  • Tone of voice

 And is conveyed through:

  • Internal and external behaviours
  • Promotional channels – print, display, online, video
  • Workplace environment

We build on our personal experience developing brands for organisations like the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, University of Glasgow, Peverel Group, in a process which is structured, focused and enjoyable. Together we help you create a clear and strong brand you can be proud of.

Through our simple staged process we work with you to develop and consolidate who and what you are as an organisation and how you can communicate that to your employees, your customers and your stakeholders.

  • We spend time listening to you and learning about you so we can really get a feel for what you are wanting to achieve. We ask difficult questions and immerse ourselves in your corporate strategy and business plan.
  • We audit your current brand, evaluate the competition and speak to your employees, your customers and your senior team.
  • We establish who you are, what you want to say, and how you want to be portrayed.
  • We create your brand story and develop a comprehensive toolkit you can give toyour staff, your Board, your suppliers …in fact all of your stakeholders going forward. The toolkit will inform all of your
  • and is a critical way of keeping all of your communications on track. can use going forward which you can use to inform all of your communications internally and externally  – across print, online, video production, social media, events and display.
  • Or of course we can create your communications for you, bringing in our pool of creative specialists as the work require.We manage every aspect of your project in house.

We work with companies and organisations of all sizes to bring their story to life.

We focus on results.

We talk sense!