Launch of Be Body Smart

From the first filming which took place in January the Be Body Smart fitness series is now live. The launch included the website, a cookery/healthy eating book and the first of the workouts which we filmed for them in studio.

It has been quite an experience seeing just how fit Lorna and Fiona are – each workout is only 8 minutes long and deliberately designed to be done in a small space – maybe your front room or bedroom. And the most you will need in terms of equipment is a chair, a mat and some rags (yes’ll need to watch them to find out why. But when you combine several workouts into one filming session, it’s pretty exhausting – and we’re only looking through the lens!

The whole approach is great – meant for real people who have real lives and little time. You can subscribe on their website for a nominal sum a month and they will support you with advice and their unbounded enthusiasm. The cookery book is excellent too.

So..if you’re not feeling as fit as you should be, and have 8 minutes to spare a day (plus warm up and cool down), then we highly recommend you check out their website and see what you think for yourselves.